At the outset, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our new venture, ‘Felicity Famille Offices‘ (FFO), a multi family office initiative, thoughtfully structured to serve Non Resident Indian and Resident Indian away from Home in managing their affairs in India more efficiently and harmoniously.

In your absence from your home country, Felicity functions as your Personal Executive Officer (PEO) and fills the vacuum to take care of your family welfare, finances and future in India. The following aspects may seek your attention and support.

1. Parents and other family members would need functional support and care,

2. Ancestral and other immovable properties need to be protected, maintained and generate optimal income.

3. Family partitions, succession planning and litigation matters, if any, require focused follow up and resolution.

4. Assurances are required for tax compliance, financial planning & wealth management.

5. Advice and support for your start up and other business ventures in India.

6. Your passion for philanthropy / charity including revival of ancestral initiatives require support & management.

We, in Felicity, understand that it can be demanding for you to efficiently manage all such important affairs in India. Hence, we have created a trusted support system, managed by professionals to help you confidentially harmonise, track, execute and report to you of all critical functionalities in India.

To elaborate, we have herewith attached the following for your reference.

For More Information , feel free to get in touch with Mr. Rajagopal at 9884001959

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