Set in the heart of Little India, Penang Island, Karaikudi Restaurant present you with the best of North and South Indian cuisine in a brilliant blend of flavours, seasonings, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste and visual appeal.

Diced Chicken and Vegetable tossed with lemon dressing
Slices of fresh vegetables with onions
Delicious Spiced Chicken Soup
Delicious Spiced Vegetable Soup - Chettinad Style
Smashed Potatoes and Green Peas folded with flaky pastry
Smashed Potatoes and Green Peas wined with bread crumbs
Deep fried Vegetables and onion spiced gram flour
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with egg & bread crumbs and deep fried
Boneless pieces of fish marinated with egg & bread crumbs and deep fried
Deep fried potato wafers
Sliced bitter gourd marinate with spices and deep fried
Chicken Masala / Fried Fish / Curry Fish
Tender pieces of mutton cooked with basmathi rice and spices
Soup, plain briyani, Indian bread, Side dishes & one Scoop Choice of Ice Cream
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with basmathi rice and spices
Basmathi rice is cooked with whole spices & stuffed with boiled egg
Soup, plain briyani, Indian bread, Chicken or Mutton Side dish and one scoop choice of Ice Cream
Basmathi rice is cooked with whole spices in Dum preparation
Basmathi Rice is Cooked with diced vegetables and whole Spices in Dum Preparation
Fresh homemade creamy yoghurt
An assorted mixed vegetable and onion soaked with yoghurt
Homemade dhal cooked with garlic & cumin seeds
Ladies finger cooked with special chettinad masala
Sliced ladies finger deep fried and sauté with pound black pepper
Cubes of cauliflower dipped in special batter and deep fried
Cauliflower and peas cooked with rich gravy
Cubes of potato sauté with special masala
Button mushroom and green peas cooked with tomato gravy
Mixed Vegetables Cooked in delicious non - Spicy Coconut gravy
Mixed Vegetables With Chettinad Style
Squid fish dipped in spicy batter & de - fried
Whole pieces of broken crab cooked with spicy sauce
Shelless cleaned prawn cooked with chopped onion & pound pepper
Prawn cooked with Spices & tomato gravy
Slice of fish cooked with tamarind gravy & fenugreek seed
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with non-spicy gravy
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with Indian spices
Crunch pieces of chicken cooked with pound pepper & curry leaves
Sixty five days of chicken marinate with ginger & garlic & deep fried
iced chicken cooked with chettinad style
Diced mutton saute with chettinadu spices
Boneless piece of mutton cooked with chettinad special gravy
Cubes of mutton cooked with non-spicy gravy
Boiled egg cooked with tomato based gravy
Beaten egg cooked with onion & green chilly
Scrambled egg cooked with onion, salt, pepper
Minced mutton rolled with special spices and grilled
Cubes of chicken marinated with yoghurt & pound black pepper
Well marinated cubes of cottage cheese cooked in tandoor served with mint sauce
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in home style spices & grilled
A Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt & spices and grilled in Tandoor
Grilled prawn marinated with special herbs & spices
De boned fish cubes marinated and grilled in Tandoor
A specialty dough made of refined flour & wheat flour
Naan glazed with butter / flakes of garlic on surface of naan/ naan grilled with stuffed of processed cheese
Dry fruits stuffed in naan
A softer and flakier version of naan top with sesme seed
Indian bread stuffed with chopped onions or Indian bread stuffed with vegetable masala
Indian bread stuffed with scrambled panneer
Baked in tandoor paratha stuff with spicy vegetables
Tandoor paratha topped with mint leaves
Layered paratha
Thin dough cook with charcoal burner
Indian bread floured with garlic and cheese
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in rich butter onion & tomato gravy
Cubes of cottage cheese & spinach cooked in cardamom flavoured mugal gravy
Assorted vegetable cooked with cottage cheese and rich gravy
Black dhal simmered with butter and cream garnish with sliced ginger
Vegetable cutlet cooked with cashew gravy
Assorted Vegetable cook with rich gravy
Yellow dhal simmered with butter and cream
Cubes of potato and cauliflower cook with Indian style gravy
Smashed spinach cook with brown sauce
Smashed spinach cook with Indian spices
Potato & green peas cooked in Indian style gravy
Cubes of potato saute with fenugreek leaves cook with special gravy
Garden fresh green peas cook with special Indian gravy
Rich curry of tandoored chicken in butter and tomato gravy
Boneless barbeque chicken cooked in butter enrich with spices
Chicken cook with special gravy and served with kadai
Chicken cooked in spinach
Cubes of mutton cook with thick gravy
Cubes of mutton cook with spinach and spices
Cubes of mutton cooked in thick cardamom flavoured gravy
Fresh coffee bean powder and steamed with boiled water to prepare a decoction and added fresh milk
Tiger / Carlsberg
Flavoured milk with almond and pista
Orange flavoured yoghurt
Pineapple flavoured yoghurt
Sweet or Salt or Plain
Pineapple, Mango, Ginger Mixed
(Small cup) Fridays only
Vanilla / Strawberry / Chocolate
Freshly baked chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce & cashew nut served on hot sizzling plate

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